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Psychology: the Human Experience is an introductory psychology course. Over 26 lessons, students take a journey that begins with the brain’s physical structure and progresses through an exploration of sensation and perception, consciousness, learning, language and cognition, intelligence, emotions, gender and sexuality, and development through the lifespan. Turning to the study of groups, the course delves into social psychology, including social cognition, attitudes and group behavior; then wraps up with a look at psychological disorders and therapies.

The centerpiece for each lesson is a video clip from the award-winning video series, Psychology: The Human Experience. Each lesson explores a topic through the use of a relevant and intriguing case study. Every lesson includes a number of interactive games and practice activities that engage students, reinforce learning, and the lesson ends with a quiz.

Students will “visit”:

  • The interior of the brain to study its structure and function,
  • Pavlov’s lab to witness classical conditioning.
  • A Marine Corp boot camp to witness how recruits learn.
  • The World War II Japanese internment camps for a lesson on attitudes.

Interviews feature some of psychology’s top researchers, including:

  • Albert Bandura on motivation and social learning,
  • James McGaugh on memory and intelligence,
  • Marian Diamond on brain plasticity and aging, and
  • the late B. F. Skinner demonstrating operant conditioning.

The textbook to accompany this course is Psychology with DSM-5 updates, written by Don H. Hockenbury and Sandra E. Hockenbury. Additional information is provided under the “How to Adopt Course & Print Materials” tab below. To request an exam and desk copy, please contact Worth Publishers.

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